We’re at Boston Comic Con this year! Table D328 for those in the area! We already had a couple readers swing by the table, and it was AWESOME to be able to thank folks in person for reading the comic and sticking with us through the years.

Instead of a complete placeholder post, I figured I’d share some of the concept art that went into the creation of our convention banner:


We love the banner! It’s easy to see and quite tall, making it visible from an aisle or two over at the very least. But coming up with a suitable image for such a tall medium was a new challenge for us — after all, not only does the image need to fit the dimensions of the banner, but it needs to serve its purpose in drawing attention! You want to sell the entire concept and make it memorable with a single glance! And so Rachel set to work on a number of thumbnails:


As you can see, a number of ideas took root. Maybe we show the Spire of Gair? That’s a tall structure that would fit the banner dimensions! Alas, it didn’t quite explain what the story was about. We could show a scene from the Quin/Crim battle in chapter 1! Alas, that was but a small scene that doesn’t really capture the essence of the whole tale. We could show Quin and Dak chilling out in the forest, relaxing on/against a tree! Alas, while it showed our main characters, it didn’t get across the right tone for what Beyond the Western Deep is.

Ultimately, we settled on showing Quinlan and Dakkan in action poses, showing off the animal characters, the fun art style, and the general tone of the comic all in one image — an image you can see any time you swing by our convention tables!

See you next week!