Apologies on the lack of a page this week — the end of tax season and a number of various projects creeping up caught us both off guard. Instead of putting up the usual chess image, I figured this would be a nice opportunity to share a new teaser for the upcoming side-story that Jerome will handling art duties for.

It’s called Song of the Eastern Sands.

While Beyond the Western Deep is an epic adventure story, SotES was written to be a lighter take on the world of Dunia, focusing on a completely different cast with completely different motivations.

The characters shown in these teaser images are indeed members of the main cast of the spinoff story. These aren’t just mood pieces, but give little hints about the characters and the environments we’ll be seeing. How they fit into the main story alongside Quinlan, Dakkan, Sunsgrove, Aisling, and the Sratha Din is still yet to be revealed, but their adventures will cross over with the main plot in some very fun ways.


Next week, Rachel and I will be at C2E2 in Chicago, at booth U-16 in Artist’s Alley. There also won’t be a page next week, but we should have some fun art up all the same :)

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled program the first weekend in May!