Sorry for the delay (following the other delay)! Didn’t want to leave everybody hanging this long, but I was stuck at the studio all day and wasn’t able to get this little teaser post up until now. The next Western Deep page will go up at the regular time on Saturday.


So! You’re probably asking yourself who this fellow is! His name is Rook — a Polcan ex-pirate (turned ex-slave) who works alongside the young Lutren and older Vulpin we’ve seen in previous teasers. We’re getting closer to Song of the Eastern Sands, and we’re really excited about it. There is, of course, one more teaser image to share before we launch the story — meaning there is one more character of this core quartet on which the story centers. We’ll get around to sharing that later!

This week, some Eastern Sands-flavored guest art from SaraaLuna featuring Cain and Yurk! As mentioned when we introduced them a little while ago, these two aren’t actually characters in the proper tale, but they do star in a fun little 4-page mini-comic we’ll be posting up during the break between chapter 2 and the beginning of Song of the Eastern Sands.

shiitake_cain_yurkThank you so much for the image, Saraa! It’s so awesome seeing your take on our cast, and these two guys are a lot of fun, even if they’re not really part of the larger overarching story.

It’s actually one of the things I continue to love about the world of Western Deep — that even the smallest background characters feel like they deserve their own stories and adventures.

See you all on Saturday!