Actually WE’RE the ones experiencing an eclipse this Monday! I’m in a naturally okay spot to witness it at about 95% awesomeness (assuming the clouds agree that once-in-a-lifetime solar events mean they should take a proverbial hike for the day), but Rachel decided to experience a full 100% of awesomeness by traveling down to Indiana. To allow preparations and all that, we decided this would be a little break week for the comic.

Don’t worry though! Rachel’s already thumbed out the next page and I’m very excited for it. There are a few key images in my head that I’ve had knocking around in there for a very long time, and this upcoming page sports one of them.

I’d like to thank Jerome Jacinto, artist extraordinaire and illustrator of countless incredible things, for agreeing to help put a wonderful guest post here for you all this week. This poor ermehn has never seen an eclipse before, nor has he heard the tales of the great darkness that hides the sky-flame! To this poor guy, it totally looks like a giant black orb of nothingness is devouring the sun, and all life as he knows it is probably drawing to a close.

He’ll be panicking for a little bit, but don’t worry, he makes it through this whole thing unscathed. For the most part.

I’d like to point readers to a project that Jerome actually had a HUGE part in: a card battler called Champions of the Shengha for mobile devices! Now, this isn’t quite the same as Hearthstone or other comparable card battlers.; this one actually has a nifty little peripheral you need that monitors your heart-rate and uses that to “power” your cards.

You can check out the game (and some of Jerome’s awesome card artwork) on the game’s main website right here!

To all those who will be able to see it on Monday, I hope you enjoy the eclipse! Be safe, and don’t stare into it without protective eye-wear!