Well, yes and no. Beck and Rook are off on a new adventure, but I’m sure Asha, Tabby, and Theo (and hey, maybe Cain and Yurk, too) will have plenty to do in Nessa while they’re away. Following the assassination attempt at the Tamian embassy, it stands to follow that Nessa is about to become a… very interesting place.


A few people have asked about the silly little Unity thing I shared in the Hartford ComicConn post — I’m not ready to talk much more about it yet, but I will say that it is indeed related to Western Deep and progress on it is glacial but promising (even in this incredibly placeholder temp state). Once I start getting more final assets in, I’ll be comfortable sharing stuff again.

So, this week we’ve got some surprise guest music from composer extraordinaire, Nolan Markey! You might remember some of his past works being a fantastic Western Deep theme, and an equally impressive Song of the Eastern Sands theme — but this time around he jumped on the conversation that occurred two weeks ago, starting with Rawr’s guest art of Quin playing a flute, my follow-up mentioning Quin and Dak as possible duet artists, and Jerijune’s fun follow-up piece to that.

This piece, entitled Slip Jig, is one such Quin and Dak duet!

I can imagine the scene fairly well — it’s the Land’s End Tavern on a cool summer night. A band’s been assembled and they’re busting out some marvelous tunes, but then Quin and Dak get into an exchange about who’s better at their respective instruments. It’s all in good fun of course, but the surrounding crowd starts egging them on to prove how good they are. Somewhere in the back, a slightly sloshed Crim is shouting “You’re all talk, Quin!”

Quin raises up a paw. “Look, I’d love to play, but I don’t even have my…”

And that’s when Janik leans out of the crowd, holding his penny whistle.

“…instrument. FINE.”

So Dak borrows the house fiddle and Quin’s got his penny whistle and they go to town with the Land’s End musicians playing along and the whole tavern joining in toward the end.

What I love about this piece is that in addition to being super catchy, it manages to capture Dak’s character in the fiddle. It seems perfectly in character for Dak to show off like that :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music! I know I did!