Looks like that headbutt was enough to take care of the Canid assassin! Asha’s no doubt quite pleased with herself — but the thrill of a successful chase is quickly dashed by the pain that comes from using your forehead as a melee weapon.


As you can see, there were a couple of minor tweaks to the page between sketches and the final pass. We felt an extra beat of silence was necessary to sell Asha’s painful shift from “I’m the best!” to “Why did I just use my face to hurt his face?!”

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When our website had issues last week, Philip Hofer (creator of the ComicPress theme) suggested that in a bid to get some more readers, we put together a little teaser on imgur and see if any folks swing by because of it. I figured it’s probably worth a shot!

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This week for guest art, a really fun piece from Jerijune of the Sand Spiders’ gregarious thief/scam-artist/dental professional’s nightmare, Beck!


It looks to me like she just got caught doing something she shouldn’t have — probably stealing bags of things that aren’t hers. Well, hey, at least she looks enthusiastic about the chances of her escape!

Thanks so much for the wonderful artwork, Jerijune! Beck looks absolutely fantastic!