The Sand Spiders! It’s a cool name, I think! Actually, after thinking I came up with the name all by my lonesome, I realized where I’d heard it before: it’s inspired by this funny exchange from the old James Cameron movie “True Lies”

“Probably because it sounds scary.”

I couldn’t think of a better name for a group of thieves who put on a good show and talk a good talk, but are actually a bunch of semi-dysfunctional goofs with skills that happen to get them out of jams they deliberately put themselves in.


Also, when you’re a professional thief, even when you’ve just found a crate full of gems and jewelry, you’re always looking out for the next big opportunity. Theo’s been in the game for a while, so he knows to take advantage of anything that comes up. But WHAT could that something be? We’ll find out in the coming weeks!

For this week’s guest art, I realized that while I promised to share some more of Elson Wong’s Western Deep character artwork several weeks ago, I never did! I seek to remedy that grave injustice starting this week, with this wonderful piece of Dakkan!


Elson’s style really does justice to the characters of Beyond the Western Deep, with expressive faces, fun poses, and colors that really pop. Elson actually captures these poses using himself as a reference, which explains how he gets them looking so good!

I’ll share more of his artwork next week (for real, this time)! Until then!