Okay, well, nobody got their head torn off, so I guess that’s a happy resolution to any argument involving Rathik (and, in this particular instance, his extended family). Everybody’s done their part to calm things down, at least. It helps that in the Sratha-din, everybody is keenly aware of everybody else’s skills, so riling the group is hardly the best idea.

It’s been an absolutely crazy week, to be certain. While the big news is obviously that the latest chapter of a certain cinematic space saga saw its release, there’s a more personal bit of news I’d like to share!

A new game that I’ve been working on with Dean Dodrill, creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail, just launched in North America on the Nintendo Switch eShop. I present to you: Never Stop Sneakin’!

I was writer and co-designer of this insane little game, which takes inspiration from PS1-era games and a whole slew of other things (specifically Metal Gear Solid). It’s a great pick-up-and-play experience meant for quick bursts of sneakin’ action. If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, check it out!


For guest art this week, I wanted to reach back a little ways. I was looking through the older guest art archives and found this really cool look at Hardin by my friend and artist extraordinaire Ned Ivory:

This was done waaaay back when, though I can’t quite remember the context. It might have been intended as a guest variant cover for the comic back when Rachel and I were still thinking of releasing it as a standalone series? That was an idea that lasted a little while — we still have some of those older cover comps lying around.

Either way, Ned’s style is unmistakable to me. I recall many years spent watching him draw absolutely insane things growing up, and he would go on to develop his skills in the toy industry, and helping with colors on the new run of Titan Comics’ Tank Girl series.

Next week being the lead-in for Christmas, we’ll be taking it off (at the very least there will be a fun holiday image for you — but in lieu of that, hopefully some new prose)! Either way, there won’t be a page next week — but something else for you to chat about.

Speaking of which, as always, you are cordially invited to chat in our Western Deep Discord by following the link below!