The nature of the attack isn’t quite clear to the Tamian ambassador, but one thing is clear: if they’re willing to target Sunsgrove’s embassy in a completely separate nation, then every Sunsgrovian diplomat in Dunia is potentially in danger. If only there were some reliable heroes about to go on a (paid) adventure to find one in particular…


Boston Comic Con was a tremendous success! We actually sold out of the remainder of the self-published hardcover special editions of Volume 1, and have as a result removed them from our BigCartel store.


If you missed out on a hardcover and still want one, my only recommendation would be to make it to New York Comic Con, where we will likely have a mere handful of personal copies available for sale that will feature custom artwork from Rachel inside. These will be a little pricier than the usual $15 convention price as a result.

While at the show, Rachel took on a couple of commissions at the table and cranked out some awesome watercolor cards deep in the Western Deep vein! I shall provide commentary!


The first commission of the show! Rachel was asked to draw a hare in the style of Beyond the Western Deep. Now, we’re not promising anything of course, but we both really like how this guy looks.


Next up, a gentleman came by with two sketchbooks, and he wanted Rachel to paint an illustration in each one. In the first one, a young Dakkan splashes through the surf carrying a giant conch shell back to the beach. Kenosh won’t let him keep it, most likely — those things can start to stink pretty quickly.


Next up, the gentleman specifically requested something with the Lutren shark hunters from our 11×17 print. Coming up with an appropriately awesome scene can be tough — not because of a lack of them, but because there is a veritable surfeit of them. We’re talking about spear-wielding otter badasses wearing chainmail and sea turtle shell armor fighting great whites, after all. I went to Google Images and found a scene from Sharknado involving a guy diving headfirst into a shark’s open mouth with a chainsaw… and the rest is history.


A couple of cool Quin pieces that Rachel did for her $10 premade watercolor cards. The latter was actually picked up by a friend of mine from high school who stopped by the table to say hello! Small world! :)


As the show was winding down, I had an idea in my head that I desperately wanted to see rendered in Rachel’s style. Knowing that it wouldn’t be appropriate to work a scene of Quinlan and Dakkan playing some couch co-op into the comic itself, I charged my own credit card in front of her and laid out the scene. She delivered probably our combined favorite card of the show.

Also they’re wearing their in-universe clothes because I figured the only thing funnier than the image of these two dorks playing video games (I’m guessing it’s gotta be the Perfect Dark Xbox 360 remaster with a pair of wired controllers) is the image of these two playing video games dressed anachronistically.

So! It was an amazing show, and I’m already looking forward to Hartford ComiConn and New York Comic Con in the coming months!


I will be attending PAX WEST in a couple weeks in Seattle along with the rest of the League of Geeks crew to promote Armello! If you are planning to attend the show, please swing by the booth and say hello!