That’s quite a tumble! I wonder if the canid could market this as a ride of some kind? You know, aside from the fact it tosses you around like a ragdoll and isn’t conducive to things like “breathing air” or “getting out alive”?

It’s like a way more extreme version of the Crocodile Mile ride you could put in your backyard. You remember Crocodile Mile, right? It was like a more extreme version of a Slip ‘N Slide! Whereas the Slip ‘N Slide was just “slide across this long mat”, the Crocodile Mile had like, water spritzers, a body-board, and a crocodile mouth you flew through! It was a weird message to send to kids, I think: if you see a crocodile, try to jump into its mouth!

Man, the 90’s were weird.

Anyway, I wanted to share some wonderful guest art this week from a new contributor! Amelia M sent us this fun image of Quin and Dak in happier times, which will hopefully balance out their more recent ‘serious’ shenanigans. Check it out!

I loooove love love the vibrant colors and the really fun scene! Dak is absolutely a giver of noogies, especially when it comes to Quinlan. His head is eminently noogie-able, as I’m sure Crim and Janik discovered as well. Actually, hold on a second, I think this is proven out in another piece that Jerome did a while back! Lemme go through the archives here and…

Aha! PROOF that Quin’s head is the most noogie-able in all of Western Deep! There are two pictures of it happening, it MUST be true!