Story time! My favorite time, of course. I love a good story–so much so that I wrote a story about one. As I’ve mentioned in previous pages, I wanted to explore segments of lutren society that we haven’t really explored before, and this myth fits the bill in spades.

I was pretty sure that I’d written this myth down in one of my many supplemental documents, but after exhaustive exploration I realized that I must have only been thinking of doing that very hard, and thusly never actually wrote anything. This story is also a chance to remedy that.

You’ll notice that the stylized book illustration portions at the bottom half of the page evoke memories of Rachel’s own technique for felis illustrations, though I do love the little personal touches that Jayelle made to really show that this is something that was done freehand by Isa herself–the scribbly ‘anger lines’ around the treewalker. I love these kinds of touches, personally.

I also love how Jayelle decided to make Nora idly reach out and touch the ocean spray–and of course Isa’s expression in panel 3 so perfectly encapsulates her character. I’m happy with how this page turned out, is what I mean!

For guest art this week, a touching picture rendered by RM Fung, who has sent in some other wonderful guest pieces in the past.

In this piece, we see Quinlan saying one last goodbye to his grandfather, Caldus, before he passes away. This came from a real place for RM, and it made the image all that more powerful for me. No matter what Quinlan may have felt about his grandfather, and no matter what Caldus thought of Quinlan, when the end draws near, none of that matters.

Thank you, RM, for sharing this piece with us. I know it couldn’t have been easy to render it, but I feel it truly does capture the complex emotions of such an event.