If looks could kill, right? And Hardin’s would, too.

Much as I’d love to do a story that’s just a bunch of character on a couple of boats in a big lake, it’s time for landfall and for our kilted antiheroes to continue their trek on foot.

The lake here brings back memories for me of a trip to Ireland and its Wicklow County, filled with some of the most incredible vistas I’d ever seen. One of them was Upper Lake Glendalough, which shares some features of Lake Felnach. This is an actual shot that I took with an actual camera:

The glacial lakes of Ireland are some of the most gorgeous things I’d seen, and helped to inspire elements of this scene. I was really excited to see just how accurately Rachel was able to pull these visual cues into the scene to capture the pure sense of grandiosity, of epic majesty one gets from being in these places.

Instead of guest art this week, I wanted to take an opportunity to give a shout out to Tooth and Tail, a game that both Jerome Jacinto (artist of Song of the Eastern Sands) and I worked on! Jerome’s art is all over this game, which you’ll see right off the bat in the game’s marketing imagery:

The game is designed to serve as a more accessible “popcorn RTS”, that lets players enjoy the tactical decision-making of real-time strategy games without needing to dive into layers of minutiae or micromanagement. As somebody who doesn’t really enjoy most RTS titles, I found a LOT to love about Tooth and Tail.

I can’t take credit for the awesomely ridiculous world of the game or the main story: all that credit goes to Andy Schatz, the lead designer of the game. I came on board near the end of the project to help punch up the story and make sure it was as good as it could be, and I really do think we hit a great spot with it. All the stuff Andy intended to get across in the story comes across properly, I believe, and helped to create one of the best RTS campaign stories ever.

You can grab the game on Steam, GoG, or on Playstation 4 for $20!