Whoa what? TSatS?? What could that possibly be an acronym for?

The Swiss at the Superbowl?

Time Saves all those Subarus?

Tom Selleck and the Scanderoon?

Actually, that last one sounds at least worth a second thought.

… Aaaand done!

What you see above is a quick teaser (soon to be banner) for our upcoming 10 page hiatus story. Who are these characters? What does TSatS stand for? Well, next week we’ll reveal the full artwork and title page, and every week after that will be a new page of the short tale, written by myself with art duties handled by Jayelle Anderson.

Now, you might know Jayelle from her work on Anaria, but I actually first encountered her work when I met her at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month. She had initially been interested in my contributions to Guild Wars 2, but soon realized I was also the writer of this very webcomic, so we hit it off pretty quickly. When we learned that a hiatus might be a good idea in the coming weeks, we asked Jayelle if she was interested in helping out–and here we are!

ANYWAY, this is going to be a super brief post this week for a few reasons (mostly that I just got back from the Game Developer’s Conference and, following a 15 hour hell-flight straight out of The Langoliers, I’m perpetually ready to collapse). Next week we’ll have the full title and accompanying artwork, and the story will begin in earnest the following week running for 10 weeks.

To celebrate Jayelle’s joining the list of creators who contribute to Beyond the Western Deep, I’d like to share a piece she did in the Discord (and one that helped us further realize that she might be a great fit for the comic)!

It might be a little bit before we see Janik again (we’ll return to her following the hiatus story), but this wonderful piece of her being all happy and chipper should help alleviate the sting of her temporary absence :)