Greetings and welcome all to Chapter 3 of Beyond the Western Deep! After the year-long sojourn that saw us visiting the sandy streets of Nessa in Song of the Eastern Sands, we’re finally returning to the core cast in this new main story chapter, and welcoming Rachel back as its artist!

Now, I know you must have a lot of questions. Whose hand is that? Why are they chained up? Wait, who is that Vulpin in the banner? She was in the last page of Song of the Eastern Sands, wasn’t she? Well, rest assured that we cover all of these burning questions and answer a whole lot more in Chapter 3.


To celebrate the beginning of Chapter 3, I’ve re-opened the Western Deep Online Store with all of our new items! We’ve got some Tesque Master shirts, new prints, and yes — the softcover release of Volume 2 will be arriving soon as well (albeit just a little late — the box of early copies needs to arrive first)!

So yeah! You can visit the online store by clicking the Store link at the top of the page, or by clicking here!

Rachel and I recently had the tremendous opportunity of visiting New York Comic Con and tabling in their incredible Artist Alley. We sold through our entire allotment of Volume 1 and most of our Volume 2’s. It was our first time working NYCC, and we had an amazing time.

One of the fun things we were offering at the show were the final 12 or so copies of the Western Deep Volume 1 hardcover, which we’d dredged up from our private collections for sale here. One of the bonus reasons to buy this copy over the softcover was the hand-inked sketch inside that Rachel did — each one unique to a hardcover. I won’t post them all here, but here are some of my favorites:

img_0226 img_0264 img_0249

Oh hey, speaking of Quin and Dak playing their respective instruments, did you see Jerome’s amazing homage to the Slip Jig piece that Nolan Markey wrote for us??


It’s the Land’s End Tavern and everyone’s having such a great time! Note the Sand Spiders and Cain and Yurk hanging out in the background! And there’s Alder and his wife, Holly! The gang’s all here!

I don’t know what I can say about this piece to Jerome that I haven’t already said, so I’ll repeat that it’s an amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, inspirational, fun piece of artwork that really makes me wish it was easier to portray music in sequential art form. Even if Quin and Dak never get a chance to play in the main story, at least we get it here!

Anyway! Welcome back, everyone! Rachel and I are working extra hard to ensure that Chapter 3 serves as the best possible continuation of what’s come before, and we think you’ll like where the story goes!