A bit grim, I’ll concede — but when you’re living in a medieval world lacking in the judicial structure of the modern day, harsh punishments to deter criminals are the norm. Also, even if they weren’t living in a medieval fantasy world, they’re a trio of thieves with sacks full of money in the middle of an active crime scene. The circumstantial evidence is most certainly not in their favor.


As many of you saw on our Tumblr/Twitters, Rachel is experimenting with a design for our very first Western Deep t-shirt! We wanted something that looked unique and interesting, even if you were completely unaware of the comic’s existence. The general design is as such:


We’ve already received some fantastic feedback from readers and friends on ways to improve the design (most prominently, because we’ve decided to stick with digital printing instead of screen printing, we can actually look at giving Quin his true colors, as opposed to using the stylized 2-ink method as in the test image above).

We’ll also be looking at heather cotton shirts, instead of this solid color. Heather uses a variety of different colors to create a speckled/textured look, which looks a great deal better in our opinion.

The “Beyond the Western Deep” logo will also be on the back of the shirt.

So, what do you think?

Right now the shirt is planned simply as a convention thing — but I know some of our readers will likely want to get their hands on them. Before we place the order, I’m considering opening them up here for readers for a week or two, and we can handle it directly through Paypal. In a nutshell, you would pay for the shirt+flat rate shipping, tell me what size you want, and I would fold those additional orders into our initial run of shirts. I’d then mail the shirts out when they arrived. Thoughts?

For guest art this week, I wanted to share this fun piece from Jerijune that I’d forgotten to post before! It’s a character we haven’t seen in a while, because he’s been very busy.

Very busy being dead.


Good ol’ Clovis, professional grumpus and serial jerk! We haven’t seen too many different artists’ takes on Clovis, Jerijune, so this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you so much for the incredible work!