Wow, Quin’s really laying it on thick for Tosch, there! The canid general really doesn’t appreciate that level of sass — but Dakkan sure does! Apparently Quin burned Tosch so hard that it snapped Dak out of his punch-induced nap! That’s not really what happened, but I’m sure at this point Dak appreciates seeing the canid general being taken out for a walk.

Rachel’s been wrestling with Comcast for the last week or so following her move, which is all one really does with Comcast these days I suppose. That’s why the WIP pic looks a little weird — it was snapped via cell phone camera from a computer screen! We all wish for a speedy return of high speed internet to Chez Bennett!

Also, one quick point of order — last week, Avatune mentioned that a bunch of pages in Chapter 2 had been left in their incomplete state here on the website! I couldn’t believe it, until I went back and… sure enough, a whole bunch of pages were still WIP! I went back through Chapter 2 last weekend and replaced all the unfinished pages in Chapter 2, so now we should be up to speed there. Thanks again for letting me know, Avatune!

This week for guest art, we got an email from Nathan Harrison, who you might remember did some AMAZING Hardin cosplay last year. I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

I seem to remember you saying, in one of your past posts, that you love to see re-imaginings of your characters. That inspired me to draw Hardin as a Scottish chief of the destitute McSratha clan. The idea came quite naturally since the plight of the Ermehn is very similar to that of the MacGregors in Scotland and, more obviously, Hardin wears a kilt. I hope you like it.”

And like it we do, Nathan! Hardin McSratha looks very much in character charging into battle, and the attention to detail with the regalia is fascinating. Thank you so much for this totally awesome reimagining of Hardin! :D