General Tosch finally makes a formal introduction to both Quinlan and the readership, ensuring that Quinlan will likely never forget the name. He probably could have figured it out by himself, but it takes more than a few seconds to collect your thoughts after waking up from shock-induced unconsciousness/finding a blade at your throat.

Quin’s probably not feeling too great about his recent promotion to the captaincy. In his defense, though, this sort of thing seems like exactly why one would want to keep out of regional politics.

I suppose the silver lining here is that Tosch has a way of getting right to the point. And while Clovis’ mood could skitter around and switch between happy/sad/angry/distracted at a moment’s notice, Tosch is a lot more focused. He enters a room knowing exactly what he wants, so we’ll have to wait and see just what it is he’s expecting out of this interrogation with our most unfortunate Captain Quinlan.

This week for guest art, I just HAD to show these pieces from Saraa Luna. There was some satisfaction among the Salmon Party last week that Tosch is… well, fluffy. He’s got a bit of fluff going on there, yes. Most of the Canid do, but Tosch, being a general, needs to take extra care in his appearance. Which leads us to perfect images like this:

Tosch is definitely the sort who takes pride in a well-manicured appearance, though he isn’t quite as obsessive as this image might suggest. Still, I can see it. I can see it oh-so-clearly.

And Saraa even graced us with a follow-up comic! Quinlan reacts:

Oh, poor Quin. You ARE still in jail, and you ARE still having a bad time. Flattery will get you nowhere!

Saraa, thank you SO MUCH for these amazing images. They are perpetual smile factories, as in every time I see them I grin like an idiot :)

Some last bits of Salmon Party news! You might remember that Elson Wong (aka Darkspeeds) did an awesome motion comic of Beyond the Western Deep chapters 1 and 2. Well, to celebrate the comic’s fifth anniversary, Elson is doing a YouTube Livestream with himself and members of the cast! I will try to make it there myself as well, so do swing on by and support this incredible fan work!

You can watch it today (Saturday) at 2pm PST by heading to Elson’s YouTube Channel when he starts the stream and then viewing it from there! You can also chat with one another and ask questions. It should be a lot of fun!