This week, the Sand Spiders take the first legitimate job they’ve ever had! We get a wonderful exterior establishing shot of the Abadis Tavern alleyway, Asha rocking a head-bandage after her head-banging practice on a Canid assassin went awry, and we also finally get the name of Janik’s father!


Not a whole lot going on this week to report on, except for the fact that if any of our readers are planning to attend PAX West next week, I will be in attendance at the League of Geeks booth helping to promote Armello! So do drop on by and say hello!

ALSO! Rachel is planning on doing an art stream tomorrow (Sunday) at around 8pm Eastern, where she’ll be working on the bumper artwork for Chapter 3. You can drop in on the stream by following this link right here!

This week, I wanted to share a piece of guest artwork from regular Salmon Party contributor, Varuna Vaughn!


The narrative behind this piece is that Asha’s birth parents, fed up with their dwindling chances of survival in the Northern Wastes, begin the long journey south to provide a better life for their unborn daughter. A fire, perhaps even their village, burns in the far distance. I love the ominous color palette, the stark landscape, and the general aura of mystery in the piece. As always, thank you so much, Var! We love your Western Deep artwork! :)