The battle continues! The advantage flows between combatants rather quickly, as befitting a fight scene, and we wanted to give each combatant their moment to shine in the story. Of course now that the Canid can see the odds are clearly against him, there’s no telling what will happen next (until next week, anyway).


Well, our first order of t-shirts arrived! Rachel and I also invested in hoodie variations of the shirt to wear at conventions (since we’re both ardently pro-hoodie). The design turned out great, and we ordered them on Hanes tagless t-shirts, offering maximum comfort for all who wear it!


We’ll open them up for online sales in the next few months — we ordered a relatively small initial batch (70 shirts) for the entire summer’s convention season, including Boston Comic Con and New York Comic Con, so we’ll see how the initial order goes. If we wind up needing more shirts, we’ll probably open them up to readers first in a kind of pilot test for online shipping.

For guest art this week, a fun variant of the norm. This is actually guest art of guest art! As some readers may know from material we’ve posted up here in the guest section before, Veigue has been creating a kind of crossover Western Deep tale that has magic and humans and JRPG-styled tropes. Imagine our surprise when we saw Jerijune did guest art based on Veigue’s characters and world! Check it out:


I love the colors and character designs of Veigue’s take on the world of Beyond the Western Deep, and Jerijune’s take on it is just as visually impressive!

Fun tidbit — I might be borrowing one of Veigue’s images of Mirren for a secret little prototype project:


That’s not an official announcement or reveal or anything; I’m just playing around in Unity right now, is all. If it keeps developing, you’ll all be the first to know :)