The maxim engraved on the unity monument stretches all around its base, metaphorically encircling the races that are bound to the treaty, with the Sunsgrove-donated oak tree growing as a symbol of the deep roots the races hoped the treaty would plant in the world, and its growth representing the ever-expanding progress of the Four Kingdoms following the treaty’s signing.

Trees make great metaphors, as you can see. This one, combined with the bronze and stonework of the surrounding statue, really feels like a monument. The cramped streets surrounding it are indicative of Cenolau’s modest beginnings, but also meant to evoke similarities to quarters of ancient cities like Rome where you can be walking around narrow alleyways and hit a small piazza and BAM, there’s a priceless historical statue hidden away in a corner!

Also, the tree? I might be a sucker for Chorrol’s “Great Oak Place” in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion¬†where a large oak tree basically became the town’s mascot. It was unique enough to stick in my head for many years, and resurfaced as one of the many inspirations for the monument.

For guest art this week, I wanted to share this fun piece by Cat-With-Horns of a character we haven’t seen for a long while. Poor Feyn!

Feyn drew a pretty cruddy straw (or in his case, series of straws) to wind up falling from the battlements of Deltrada. He might be due a story or something, considering how much the readership has kept him in their thoughts. It certainly wasn’t our original intent, but something-something-supply-and-demand!

Speaking of supply and demand, if you want to supply other Western Deep fans with fun conversation, I must demand you turn your attention for the next line:

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