The new page will be a day or two off this week — Rachel just started a new part-time job and the crazy schedule has seriously messed with her art mojo. Also, to put the finishing touches on the merchandise we’ll be selling at Boston and Baltimore Comic Con, we’ll be putting up an Intermission post next week. Don’t worry — we’ll have something cool to post there! The question is, what?

Speaking of questions, one I found myself asking yesterday was: “If I have a new Western Deep sketch from Jerome Jacinto, why wouldn’t I post it up this week?” The answer: “Yes, Alex, why wouldn’t you?”

So, here we go! A fun little sketch of the most unlikely trio to ever share a snack together!


Dakkan, Hardin, and Clovis are all chilling out for a spell — probably exhausted between shouting matches and trying to straight-up murder each other. At least that’s how I rationalize it in my head: they’re all engaged in a bitter fight to the death, when suddenly Dakkan holds up his hands:

“Hang on, you two! Y’know, I’m all for a bit ‘a mayhem, but all this battling’s made me pretty thirsty.”

Then Clovis shrugs and sheathes his blade. “I concur. A fresh loaf of bread from the Deltrada kitchens never hurt.”

Disappointed, Hardin just sits down on the ground. “Well, wake me when you two are ready to start fighting again.”

A huge thank you for the super-fun art, Jerome! I always love seeing these types of low-key scenes with the BWD cast!