Until recently, Quinlan served as a scout in the Tamian capital of Terria. After his grandfather passed away, Quinlan found himself nominated for his elder’s position as Captain of the Royal Guard and was quickly promoted to fill the vacant spot.

Normally quiet and reserved, Quinlan prefers to be far and away from the front lines of battle. His recent promotion is at odds with his lifetime of scout training, and despite his skills as a warrior, he would much rather prefer to be back in the treetops and forests outside Terria, away from the political intrigue of his king’s court.





Son of the Lutren Captain, one would expect Dakkan to be both a skilled warrior and a well-disciplined soldier. Much to his father’s dismay, he only exhibits the former. Brash and loyal to a fault, Dakkan has a quick temper and a penchant for getting himself into trouble.

Since a young age, Dakkan and Quinlan have been close friends thanks to their fathers’ high-ranking positions in their respective kingdoms. Unlike Quinlan, Dakkan has seen limited service in his kingdom’s guard, overseeing a division of catapults that rarely see use and serving as a lowly courier for his father.





Dakkan’s father and Captain of the Lutren Sea Guard, Kenosh has seen his share of action on the shores of Sunsgrove. His campaigns have led him all over the Four Kingdoms, and he is well-respected by all races – though not necessarily liked.

While his skills as a warrior have been called upon and tested for many years, his career is quickly drawing to a close. While he had hoped Dakkan would prove a natural successor by the time of his retirement, he has been disappointed again and again by his son’s troublesome demeanor.




Daughter of Sunsgrove’s ambassador to the Vulpin kingdom of Navran, Janik has been groomed for nearly her entire life to become Terria’s representative to the eastern kingdoms.

Because of her family’s political connections, Janik and Quinlan met at a young age and quickly befriended one another — her calm and even-minded demeanor proving the perfect counterpoint to Quinlan’s own. She is a brilliant politician and negotiator, well-versed in the complexities of governance across the Four Kingdoms.





Since a very young age, Hardin has been instilled with a great sense of Ermehn pride, believing that his displaced brethren were victims of an elaborate political conspiracy that has doomed them all to a slow death in the frigid tundras of the Northern Wastes.

Because of this, Hardin has dedicated himself to not only bringing about an Ermehn renaissance, but exacting vengeance on the Canid soldiers that stole his people’s land, history, and prosperity. A deadly warrior and exceptional tactician, Hardin aims to destroy his Canid oppressors in any way he can, even if it means plunging the rest of the world into war.





A fellow scout who grew up alongside Quinlan, Crim was quick to learn that an application of strength often got him what he wanted. In this way, he practically worshipped Quinlan’s late grandfather, Caldus — one of the most decorated Tamian warriors in modern history.

Crim concentrated his passion for combat into the Tamian martial art of Tesque, and devoted his studies and efforts into becoming Captain of the Royal Guard. When Quinlan found himself promoted to the spot in an apparent display of nepotism, Crim was less than pleased at the snub.





An Ermehn warrior well past his prime, Ashtor’s lifetime of experience has earned him a position at Hardin’s side as an advisor. He is not very forthcoming about the particulars of his past, but uses it as a foundation to guide Hardin in his quest for vengeance against the Canid.

Not even Hardin knows what exactly brought this Ermehn from the peaceful southern lands back to the bitter Northern Wastes, but so long as Ashtor’s advice remains sound, he maintains a powerful position in the Sratha-din.





An Ermehn arbalist from a tribe in the snow-covered mountains deep in the central territories of the Northern Wastes. Hunting game in the snow-covered mountains favors a steady aim and the ability to traverse precipitous terrain without fear — two traits that Rhosyn displayed admirably enough for word to spread beyond her tribe.

Rhosyn’s skills eventually drew the attention of Hardin, leader of the Sratha-din. Because of him, Rhosyn has turned her aim away from simple game to a more noble purpose: freeing the Ermehn from their Canid oppressors.





An Ermehn hunter hailing from the southern edge of the Northern Wastes, Bevan was renowned as the Evyn-din tribe’s finest scout. Able to slip in and out of enemy territory without trouble, and gifted with rather impressive aim when throwing daggers are involved, Bevan soon attracted the attention of Hardin and his Sratha-din.

He is the only surviving member of the Evyn-din, and continues to wear the fur markings of his lost tribe. Despite Bevan’s unfortunate past, he carries himself lightly and tends to approach most problems with a sense of (usually ill-advised) humor.





A rare Ermehn of the scholarly persuasion, hailing from the more affluent western coastline of the Northern Wastes. Eira’s tribe flourished far away from the Canid incursions to the east, benefitting from light trade with Polcan pirates and Sunsgrovian merchants of the less-than-ethical variety. Being able to read and write makes her an invaluable asset to the entire Ermehn race.

Hardin did not single Eira out specifically; it was Ashtor who insisted Hardin recruit the young Ermehn scholar, for her ability to bear witness to history and record it for all to read is a task no other Sratha-din could accomplish.





Stories traveled far and wide across the Northern Wastes of a hulking warrior who wielded no weapons, for no kill was more satisfying to him than one made with his own two hands. Rathik is larger, stronger, and smarter than most Ermehn in the Wastes, and he enjoys letting his foes know this before snapping their necks like twigs.

It was only through the combined efforts of Hardin and Ashtor that this vain Ermehn warrior was convinced to lend his skills and family name for a higher purpose. But at the end of the day, Rathik’s only concern is when he’ll get the opportunity to crush Canid skulls.





General of the Canid army and feared throughout the Four Kingdoms, Clovis rules the border regions of the Northern Wastes with an iron fist and a steel blade. Together with his younger brother, General Tosch, Clovis oversees all Canid military personnel throughout the kingdom of Aisling.

While the Treaty of Cenolau technically forbids the Canid from venturing into the Ermehn-controlled Northern Wastes, Clovis considers the Ermehn tribes’ continued threat to his people as a clear and present danger to Aisling. Just what exactly he plans to do about this remains a mystery to many outside of his inner circle.









Beck’s family migrated to Nessa from Sunsgrove when she was still very young. While she can’t quite remember the Western Sea, she still goes out of her way to collect trinkets and artifacts from her ancestral home.

With her mother and father both deceased, a young and confused Beck fled from the Vulpin guards. She was quickly snapped up by the Nessian underworld and became an apprentice to Theo, a master thief leading a small gang called The Sand Spiders. Her penchant for theatrics tends to put her at the forefront of most heists.





Ermehn living south of the Wastes is a rare sight, though most tend to settle in Nessa. Asha’s parents were part of a caravan that made the dangerous crossing over Lake Felnach and across the Aderyn Mountains. The caravan was attacked by bandits in the Desert of Zin, and an infant Asha was one of the few survivors.

Fortunately, a Felis thief brought the young Ermehn back to Nessa and adopted her into their family. She quickly assumed her adoptive parents’ trade and became an expert at lock-picking for the Sand Spiders gang.





A Polcan pirate who found himself sold into slavery when he refused to kill innocent Lutren sailors off the western coasts of Sunsgrove, Rook was shipped off to Nessa and seemingly doomed to a life of servitude.

Fortunately for him, Theo, leader of the Sand Spiders gang, needed a sailing expert for a high seas heist off the southern coast of Navran. Theo purchased Rook from the slave blocks and promised his freedom once the heist was complete. Since he was exiled from the Polcan Fleet, Rook offered to work for Theo once he was freed, and has since become an associate thief and enforcer for the Sand Spiders.





A former mercenary, bruiser, enforcer, and all-around wanted criminal, Theo has been involved in the Nessian underworld his entire life. Following the execution of his mentor (and founder of the Sand Spiders gang), Theo rose to prominence in the thieving community.

Unfortunately, his very first job as leader went horribly wrong, and Theo took several arrows to his right leg. Now sporting a permanent limp, he has been forced to take on a less active role, focusing his efforts on making connections and finding new contract opportunities. He leaves the thieving duties to his three protégés: Beck, Asha, and Rook.





A Canid laborer who works on the outskirts of Nessa, Cain’s family can trace its history back to the famed royal blacksmiths of Arklow; some of the best regarded omega-caste Canid in the Four Kingdoms. However, years of wandering the Four Kingdoms left his family without much knowledge of their past, and Cain has grown up in Nessa under relative anonymity.

Cain spends most of his time with his best friend, Yurk, scheming for new ways to find money and make ends meet.




An Ermehn orphan from Cenolau, Yurk has been living in Nessa most of his life. Poor and homeless, Yurk quickly discovered he had a penchant for getting into places he shouldn’t be, and making off with things that weren’t his. It was during one of these break-ins that he met Cain, and the two quickly formed a lasting friendship.

Yurk’s tattoos don’t actually correspond to any specific Ermehn tribe. Instead, they are based on the generic “charm” tattoos that encompass many different tribes.