Hello everyone! Hope your respective holidays were grand! Ours were awesome and incredibly busy, which is why we don’t have a page for you this week — but rest assured we’ll get back to the action as soon as possible!

Instead of a page this week, Rachel and I have some GREAT NEWS to share with all of you!


Comics publisher ACTION LAB has picked up the publishing rights for Beyond the Western Deep! They will first be releasing an 80 page trade paperback edition of Volume 1 (hopefully sometime in May 2015) with possible subsequent books to come.

We’re both VERY excited by the prospect of seeing Beyond the Western Deep in stores and reaching a wider audience than ever before! This is just the beginning of a grander adventure, and we hope you’ll all stick around for the ride!

This week, some special guest art from Jerome Jacinto! We didn’t have time to get it up for the official “Christmas” post, but it’s still appropriate — drinking hot chocolate isn’t just a Christmas thing, after all!


Rachel is a sucker for any character wearing winter gear, and I have to say I love the different approaches to the outerwear here. I also love Quin’s expression — of all of Quin’s O╭╮O faces, this one ranks up there, I think! Also, c’mon Dak, don’t waste all that hot cocoa!