Hi everyone! Because I’m in Boston this week for Boston Comic Con, we decided to postpone the next page until next weekend — but in lieu of that, we also decided to share the print we’re selling this year at Boston and Baltimore (and soon to be online)!

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This is the first time that we’ve really seen Lutren shark hunters up close, in the midst of plying their trade, so we wanted to make the piece just as awesome as the very concept was to us from the very beginning. These Lutren don’t just kill sharks — all they have are harpoons and their own wits, so the act of killing a massive shark (which yields the best quantities of shark leather) becomes a bit more hands on than you might expect. Not only does this require nerves of steel, but it requires a bit of lunacy, as well. When the slightest mistake could result in you getting chomped in half, well — that job requires a special kind of Lutren.


These burly, heavily-tattooed Lutren shark hunters are the cowboys of their day, living a rough-and-tumble lifestyle on the brink between the open sea and the rest of Lutren civilization. While the story of Beyond the Western Deep won’t take us to the western seas off Lutra anytime soon, it is absolutely part of the world we plan to explore (perhaps in the eventual War of the Western Deep).

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m at Boston Comic Con this week, selling the world-premiere first volume of Beyond the Western Deep, along with the featured Shark Hunter print, a mini-print version of the postcard we made up last year for NYCC, and some bookmarks!

I managed to snap a picture of the table the moment I finished putting it together, before everybody else arrived. I’ll have to snap some more pics of the booth in action over the next couple days.


If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you swing by and say hello! You can find me at table D320!