Relatively short post this week, but I figured I’d focus in on the creation of the page at least to give you folks another behind-the-scenes tour!


Honestly, the initial draft of the script for this page was literally this:

Janik: I don’t think it’s ever too late for that, Quin. I think your whole family is watching from the highest treetops, waiting.

I know, right? I didn’t even have any specific direction for this line, though things were fleshed out a bit more in conversations between Rachel and myself, the thumbnails, etc. Some creators are very specific about where the camera is, what the scene looks like, who is standing where and where the blocking leads, etc etc. I remember reading Alan Moore’s script for “The Killing Joke” and being absolutely blown away by the specificity of his direction.

Sometimes when I write, I am indeed specific about what a place looks like or what a camera angle should be or how a given character should be moving through a series of panels, but I want to say that around… 75% of the time, it’s a very improvisational process where Rachel and I chat about a scene, I write it, we chat about it some more, I make tweaks, we chat about it some more, she boards it out, we chat about it some more, she makes tweaks, we chat about it some more, she inks the page, we chat about it some more, she flats the page, we chat about it some more, she colors the page. Rachel and I… well, we chat a lot.

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Basically, at every major milestone in the process, Rachel and I chat a little bit about the direction of the page, the tone of the page, the colors on the page, etc. For this whole scene (Quinlan and Janik in the forest), those conversations have been fairly straightforward, since the lighting and color style for the forest was set pretty quickly and the tone shifts within a narrow cone of emotions that doesn’t require too much discussion on how to best represent it once the initial tone is established. Of course, when the scene changes or we’re talking about introducing new elements (see starting next week!) then the conversations get a bit more robust – and that’s a post for next week!