This week, Quin is given a proper shove in the right direction – he’s late for a meeting with the king, and royalty does NOT like to be kept waiting!

This sequence here, with Janik grabbing Quin’s art supplies and pushing him on his way, was added fairly recently to the script. On paper, the scene doesn’t feel too long, but in order to nail the pacing, Rachel had to spread the text out appropriately so as not to cram too much stuff into each panel. To help break up the scenes somewhat, and to give a little bit more motion to Quin’s journey back to Terria, we decided to add this section, which we hope you enjoy!

Because this page was added recently (like, the script was added only a couple weeks ago), no previous thumbnail or sketch existed. The above thumbnail was what Rachel and I settled on layout-wise, and it didn’t take us too long to hit it. I do know that Rachel spent a deal of time on Quinlan’s expressions throughout – there’s always the problem that an expression of his may read slightly different than intended.

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When you’re setting up new characters, first impressions always count, so making sure Quinlan’s face reads the way it should is vastly important – don’t want readers getting the wrong idea about what’s on his mind! Fortunately, Rachel’s been pretty awesome about that – Quin has a very expressive face, and she’s been doing a great job on reigning in his expressions to match exactly what we’re thinking he should be thinking about at any given moment in time.