This week, Quinlan introduces himself to those present and is about to get brought up to speed on what’s important enough to drag a high-ranking military officer from the neighboring city of Lutra into the Tamian king’s throne room.

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Quinlan once again proves that he’s a bit inept when it comes to socializing – those blasted sashes seem to fold over on themselves while you’re not looking!

King Dabheid’s throne room went through a number of iterations before we settled on its current design – probably moreso than any other room we’ve designed thus far. Originally, the throne room was nicely carpeted with the oak leaf banners making a more prominent appearance along the sides of the room. Strangely, we’d gone with lit torches (inside a tree?) and no security for the king whatsoever.

The throne room in the original pitch

It wasn’t the most compelling of spaces, so Rachel began to brainstorm alternatives to this approach. We talked quite a bit about what would make sense for the king to have in his ground-level throne room, which would no doubt need to be visually impressive to give the foreign dignitaries something to talk about, but would also need to be practical. After all the king would need to sit there for several hours at a time – even if he is a Tamian and has a natural desire to stand up and move around.

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This throne is a little closer to the final concept, with Dabheid separated physically from the goings-on in front of him. Ultimately we decided to connect the throne area and the spot where visitors stand in the final version, which certainly fits better with Dabheid’s personality and mannerisms. As you can see from the pages, he is not the type to simply sit around while his company stands. Even with considerable bulk, a Tamian has to move around to avoid becoming restless, and Dabheid is meant to be a very personable sort.

We also removed the torches (fire hazard!), and Rachel considered the idea of a special kind of lightning bug that emitted a powerful-enough glow that it would be practical to enclose a number of them as a semi-permanent light source.

As I promised last week, I’ll dive into a bit of Kenosh – though I’ll actually be saving a bit for next week:

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Kenosh, as you may have noticed from his Character biography in the Characters section at the top of the site, is rather no-nonsense. A hardened war veteran and close friend of Quinlan’s grandfather, he believes in honor above all else, even with matters concerning his own kingdom. While he only appears in two panels in this week’s page, you may already be able to tell that he is not the sort to suffer fools – even fools with whom he is familiar.

We’ll learn more about Kenosh next week, when we begin to learn just what it is that’s brought these two Lutren emissaries to the Tamian capital of Terria!