Last week there were some questions about the Canid being allies of Sunsgrove – Quinlan has the same questions, as he’s clearly not up to speed on his Four Kingdoms history or how treaties work! Kenosh, of course, isn’t one to suffer Quinlan’s naïveté – we’ll see more of this heated discussion next week!

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For those who follow us on Twitter (Rachel is @kobbers and I am @tdcpresents), you might have noticed that Rachel mentioned she wasn’t too happy with the original thumbnail for this page – specifically the first panel. It brought to light one issue we’re constantly dealing with, which is the flow from one page to the next. While you all have been reading this in webcomic form, with one page displayed at a time, with a full week in between pages, it is our ultimate goal to have this comic printed up in a bound volume. Considering that, it’s important to remember that panels and pages need to flow appropriately. There will be page spreads, we’ll need to maintain appropriate tension on page turns, etc.

For example, with Chapter 1 pages 19 and 20, those would likely be laid out with 20 on 19’s back-side, requiring a page-turn. With that in mind, this is the flow of panels you would see if we used the original thumb layout:





Essentially, we’d be going from one medium-shot to another medium-shot on a page-turn. In the end, Rachel decided it would be better to pull the camera out on that to quickly re-establish the scene, since page 19 featured a lot of alternate scenes outside the king’s chambers and readers would need to re-acquaint themselves with the space.

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The new layout sets the scene a lot better, and I think Rachel definitely made the right call on it.