This week, Quinlan demonstrates his ability to command a room. Or lack thereof. Obviously he’s used to taking orders, not giving them – scouts of the Western Deep are generally a quiet and solitary bunch. Being a captain, however, is serious business – they’re meant to hold sway over entire armies, after all! Quinlan can’t even get his own king to notice he’s in the room.

This week we also get a little insight into one aspect of the comic world that Rachel and I enjoy brainstorming, and that’s the food these characters eat. The Tamian, of course, have a vast woodland paradise at their disposal, filled with all manner of berries, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Over many long years, the Tamian have managed to turn every ingredient into a valuable aspect of Tamian culture, including the oddly-spiced danberry – a type of berry that doesn’t serve much use in cooking, but has been fermented into a world-famous wine by a family of Tamian horticulturalists.

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Danberry wine, then, is a hallmark of Tamian culture. Other foodstuffs that we’ll see later involve nutbreads and fruitbreads, as well a variety of other baked goods that use the natural treasures of the Western Deep as a starting point. Obviously not all of these foods can be exported to the other kingdoms (breads in particular do not travel very well), but Tamian wine is a popular meal accompaniment all across the Four Kingdoms. Another popular foodstuff is a variation on maple sugar candy harvested from a special stand of trees deep within the forest. Because the nefarious treewalker beasts hold sway in these dark locales, the price of the candy is rather high, making it a luxury that few outside Sunsgrove can afford to import.