This week, Quinlan is dealt a bit of a curveball from the Tesque trainer – how will he react? What will come of this challenge? Well, you’ll find out next week of course!

Of course, those attending New York Comic Con will not know right away, because in the preview book that Rachel and I are printing up, this will be the last page displayed. The book will contain all prior pages in a trade paperback format, with some additional pages of concept art, original artwork for the cover, and a “Coming Soon” teaser image at the end. The whole preview book will be about 48 pages and, at this moment, is only planned to be given away as pitch material for potential publishers.

BUT! Rachel and I don’t want to leave anybody out who might be interested in a printed volume. So we’re gauging some interest in the possibility of printing up some extra copies for readers who might want to possess Quinlan, Dakkan, and the gang in paperback format.

A WIP version of the preview book cover (no it won't actually be leather-bound :)

Since this is a sort of one-off limited engagement type deal, we’re considering offering the trade paperback preview to our readers for $20.

We’d set up a Paypal account to handle the transaction and then mail you the paperback around early-to-mid November (since it takes 3-4 weeks for printing and shipping and we’d be doing this after ComicCon in early October). Nothing concrete yet of course – we’re just gauging interest. If you think you’d be interested in the book, leave a comment or send us an e-mail at thewesterndeep(at)gmail(dot)com!

This week’s guest art is from Saraa Luna, who felt that the Vulpin weren’t getting quite enough love in the story (don’t worry, they show up in force later!) and sent us this wonderful piece of a Vulpin gypsy dancer!

The Vulpin have many different distinct cultures across their kingdom ranging from urbanized scholarly bookworms to desert-wandering nomads. The gypsies live in bands that acclimate themselves to any surrounding, be it the back alleyways of the capital city, Nessa, to the expansive wastelands within the Desert of Zin. They tend to travel together in familial bands, and the dances they perform serve many purposes ranging from simple ceremonial functions to complex interpretive dances representing past historical events in Vulpin culture.