This week, we can clearly see that Crim’s words struck a nerve in Quinlan. It’s not uncommon knowledge that Quinlan and his grandfather had issues, and there are many in Sunsgrove that share Crim’s belief that Quinlan was the wrong choice to fill the vacant captain’s position. Even so, Quinlan may shy away from confrontation wherever possible, but this is simply not something he can walk away from – a direct challenge is one thing, but to invoke the spirit of Quin’s grandfather? There’s a family reputation to uphold, after all!

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We do apologize for the late page this week, but getting that 48-page NYCC pitch book together took a good bit of time. Not only did all the pages require a scrubbing to get them in the right format and template for print submission, but the cover (front and back), “coming soon” teaser image, and various bonus sketches all needed to be produced and properly cleaned up. I’m very happy with the proof for the book, so now all that’s left to do is sit and wait for the prints to finish up and the book to ship. We’ll see what kind of reception it gets at NYCC in October.