Tesque, like any historical artform, is built upon a series of ancient rules. These “tenets” are the philosophical basis of the the Tamian martial art, and like anything you’ve spent your life mastering, sometimes the most basic principles are the easiest ones to forget.

Quinlan, of course, is faced with just such a dilemma. Unfortunately for him, his instructor isn’t very much interested in re-acquainting the captain using positive reinforcement. Needless to say, the chances of this ending well are slim.

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This week’s fanart is mighty appropriate for the material at hand, as Var Vau has sent over a brilliant piece that suggests Crim may think just a LITTLE too highly of himself when it comes to his skills in the ancient art of Tesque.

According to Var Vau, it was Crim’s bullying grin that inspired him to make this. Not sure I’d sign up for Tesque classes if I saw it on the local community board, but hey, I didn’t think people would buy into those boot camp exercise regimins, so maybe I’m wrong!