“A foot on the ground is a foot in the grave” – the first tenet of Tesque, and a major cornerstone in Tamian self-defense. This philosophy doesn’t just describe the hand-to-hand fighting style, but Tamian military strategy as well. As a Tamian scout, for example, Quinlan was taught early on that walking around on the forest floor in the wilds of the Western Deep was a guaranteed way to get oneself devoured by the carnivorous treewalkers and other horrifying creatures that dwell therein.

The tenets as a whole are more than simple phrases – most Tamian live their daily lives by it. We haven’t seen more than a few interiors in Terria, but don’t be surprised if you see carved representations of “The Tenets” (as they are collectively referred to by the world at large) hanging on walls as one might see pictures framed in our own homes.

I (Alex) will be attending New York Comic Con this upcoming Thursday and Friday – I don’t have a set schedule, but I’ll probably be wandering around Artist’s Alley chatting with folks and checking out the show floor. If you’re going to be there and want to say hello, just let me know! Always excited to meet up with fans of the comic :)