Youch! Looks like Quin shouldn’t have overreached! Obviously he’s a bit rusty at Tesque, but who wouldn’t be after standing around at all those meetings with the king?

Tesque takes a lot of inspiration from Muay Thai, among other martial art forms, but watching Tony Jaa do numerous spinning flips and then leap tens of feet through the air to plant his knee into somebody’s chest seemed strangely squirrel-like.

Each race of the Four Kingdoms has their own martial artform that they draw on, each uniquely suited to their race and/or culture. We haven’t dived too deep into this, but we’ve both had ideas on how to capitalize on this. For example, for the Lutren, Rachel experimented with the idea of them having a Capoeira-esque fighting style, playing off of their streamlined form and fluid movements.

Whether or not Dakkan himself is well-versed in this artform in the comic is yet to be revealed – but similarly to the Tamian and Tesque, young Lutren would have at least been subjected to a training regimen for a good few years growing up. After all, the Western Deep is a dangerous place, and many Lutren find their calling in the Sea Guard that protects the coastline from the ever-raging war against the Polcan, so getting ahead on learning hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat never hurt a Lutren in the long run.

This week, we have one more piece of Adventure Time-inspired fanart from SaraaLuna! Last week was Dakkan, this week we get to see Quinlan!

He just NEVER looks comfortable with the captain’s sash on, does he? Anyway!

Thank you, Saraaluna, for an incredible pair of pieces – we love seeing our characters in new art styles, and pairing them with something as EPIC as Adventure Time was a great idea! :)