For those of you keeping score, this is page FIFTY! Hard to believe, but we’ve been at this since January 1st – it’s also hard to believe because I look at the scripts and outlines for where Quinlan and Dakkan go in their crazy adventures and realize that we’ve just scratched the surface of the world. Hopefully you’ll all still be reading when we hit another 50 pages, and another 50 after that – and all the 50’s thereafter!

This week, Quinlan’s got his serious-face on. He’s finally remembered a tenet – probably the easiest one, too: “Everything is a weapon”. As Crim says, ‘From your teeth to your tail’ – in keeping in line with the prior tenets, this essentially boils down to ‘use everything and anything you can to survive’.

Most Tamian warriors wield a bow and arrow and a simple sword sword. Everything is light in design, meant to be equipped while the wearer vaults through the treetops. Scouts like Quinlan would also leave the confines of the capital city, Terria, with a Treewalker Blade – specifically constructed to yank the hard chitin plates from the giant centipede-like creatures and expose them to attack. A true Tamian warrior would also be well-versed in the advantages the Western Deep itself has to offer in dealing with aggressive enemies: knocking them from a high branch, leading them into a Treewalker lair (or that of another carnivorous beast), or simply turning their enemy’s weapons against them through misdirection and confusion – the Tamian scouts are ghosts in the wilds of the Western Deep, and many a foe has perished trying to battle them on their home turf.

That said, Quinlan is admittedly a bit rusty at the core melee combat of his people, and Crim has been more than willing to take advantage of that – turning Quinlan’s own ignorance and feeble attempts at defeating him into a weapon. But it only takes so many hits to the sternum before that rust gets knocked off. I think it’s safe to say that you, Dakkan, and Crim’s Tesque trainees can expect a bit more from our dear captain in the coming weeks!