Now that’s better! As I mentioned last week, you can only take so many knees to the sternum before you start remembering how to maneuver the close-quarters battlefield of Tesque – no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last trained. Quin just needed a little trial by fire to shake the rust loose, and now we’re starting to see why Crim’s students would have been intrigued in seeing their captain fight.

In this page, Quinlan is not only knocking Crim down a peg, but demonstrating the third tenet to the students in the process. When Crim says “Everything is a weapon – from your teeth to your tail”, he doesn’t necessarily mean that his students’ tails could be used as a weapons — but an act of distraction can be just as useful in a fight as an attack, and knowing where to find those distractions can make all the difference in a fight. For example, in this case, Quinlan’s used Crim’s own flashy belt to hang up his arm and throw the Tesque instructor off-balance.

See you all next week, and we hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!