It would seem that Crim got a little too aggressive trying to take back the fight from Quinlan, inviting some grade-A Tamian acrobatics and a well-placed kick to the talking-parts! As with any Tesque battle, the tides can turn in an instant, and Quinlan has demonstrated with his final moves that the most important thing to do is maintain calm, and to not let one’s emotions get the better of them. If there was a fourth tenet, you can bet that would be it!

This week, in addition to Quinlan’s bout-ending roundhouse kick, we’ve got yet another awesome surprise for you! In lieu of fan-art, we have received not one, but TWO fan musical compositions! Jacob Kingzett out of Ohio sent us these two amazing pieces of music based on the world of the Western Deep, and now we get to share them with you!

This first piece is called Variations on a Theme From the Deep, and contains a number of different thematic elements interplaying, representing a number of the different races and kingdoms across the Four Kingdoms: https://soundcloud.com/musingfornoreason/variations-on-a-theme-from-the

The second piece Jacob sent our way is a wonderful little ditty called Lutren Seas, which sounds like it would fit right in on a Lutren vessel sailing the open seas along the western coasts: https://soundcloud.com/musingfornoreason/lutren-seas

I really am just blown away by these pieces, Jacob! Rachel and I love them – it’s the first time music has been written for the world of the Western Deep, and hopefully it won’t be the last!