Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to forget your little bout started as a simple educational demonstration. In Quinlan’s case, though he exhibited a clear head compared to Crim, he still wound up getting just a bit carried away. Normally this would result in a few extra bruises and black eyes, but when you’re dealing with two highly-trained Tesque masters with a less-than-private animosity towards one another, one party winding up unconscious is probably the best thing you could have asked for.

It’s been very interesting seeing the fight scene between Quinlan and Crim come to life these last several months. As I’ve mentioned, the fight was always a part of the original draft of the script, going back to the original brainstorms I had in 2007-2008. While the story and characters around it have changed, it is an important milestone to me, and it bodes well for things to come!

This week’s fan-art is once again of a different flavor! Caitlin sent me this wonderful little Quinlan statuette as a thank-you gift! Check him out in all his awesomeness:

Pretty awesome, no? I love how you were able to fit in so many little details, like the oak leaf symbol on his gauntlet, and the arrows in his quiver. Also, love the real string on his bow! I shall treasure this piece for all time, Caitlin! Thank you once more :)

Also here’s a little bit of BWD Christmas cheer to put you all in the holiday spirit! Rachel drew up this great piece for her blog showing a group of Canid soldiers soldiering through the snow, singing while on patrol.

I do imagine these lyrics are meant to be sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells” – and now I’m thinking I need to come up with the rest of the lyrics! While you wouldn’t likely sing this caroling from house to house, I could see it rousing a frostbitten Canid patrol in the dead of winter:

Sloggin’ through the snow,
In these moon-forsaken wastes,
Harsh wind may it blow,
We’ll never lose our pace.
Our spearpoints held up high,
Our spirits never lost,
We’ll battle cold and never die
No matter what the cost!