The fight now complete, Quinlan, Dakkan, Janik, and Kenosh have transitioned themselves to the Land’s End Tavern for dinner and drinks!

As you can see, there are a lot of different races from around the Four Kingdoms enjoying themselves (and perhaps one example of somebody NOT enjoying themselves) – what I love most about these crowd scenes is how easy it is to think about background character backstories at a glance. When Rachel showed me the initial sketches for various tavern-goers, I found myself dreaming up side-stories and backgrounds for a lot of the clientele.

While none of it is relevant to the story at large, I like to imagine that through some kind of story-driven osmosis, that attention to detail in even the background characters makes the world feel more alive.

This week, Jacob Kingzett has sent us another wonderful piece of music based on the world of “Beyond the Western Deep” called “Prelude in F Minor for 4 Horns (Journey)”. You can listen to it by clicking right here! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible music, Jacob! We’re all looking forward to hearing more of your work!