This week, Janik is changing the subject to more acceptable paths of conversation. Quinlan is obviously none too happy with how things transpired during the fight, but he’s got more important things to worry about now – like the long and dangerous road ahead!

As Janik says, Crim’s dislike of Quinlan is partially rooted in the power struggle for the Captaincy of the Royal Guard – a prestigious position that carries with it the respect of all cultures of the Four Kingdoms. Most Tamian never even leave the Western Deep, so the idea of a post that puts them into direct contact with the other kingdoms of the world is an exotic, enviable post for Tamian with adventure in their hearts. Obviously Quinlan would rather stay at home or sit in the wilds of the Western Deep and draw in his sketchbook, but those idle times are past.

No fanart this week, but Rachel did whip up a wonderful little Christmas doodle for her blog: Quinlan and Dakkan exploring a winter wonderland in their formative years. Dakkan, ever the adventurer, is perfectly at home slip-sliding on the ice. Quinlan, ever the cautious soul, is perfectly at home on solid ground, testing the ice as he would a thin branch in the treetops. As Rachel says, don’t worry, Quin-‘ol-buddy! That ice is probably like five inches thick!