In an era without motorized travel or a horse-equivalent to speed up travel, moving between the Four Kingdoms is serious business. While each capital has a generally well-guarded set of footpaths, the world at large is still mostly uncivilized and scattered, leaving many open pockets of wildland that isn’t guarded or maintained. This is especially notable when traveling to places that don’t like visitors, such as a Canid garrison on the border of the brutal Northern Wastes.

Dakkan is figuring a best-case scenario trip with several days’ journey walking in each direction. Of course, there are very few trails that lead north these days, and those that do exist are not ventured upon too often. There are also harsher weather conditions to contend with, as well as snow storms covering paths or knocking out vital passes.

In addition to traveling time-frames, this week also gives us a look at the foodstuffs popular in Sunsgrove. In addition to wines and ales made from berries and various wheats grown locally, Sunsgrove is also renowned for its bread and pastry (which are usually packed with varieties of locally-harvested seeds or sweetened with sap), along with soups brimming with vegetables culled from the Western Deep. For the more carnivorous types, such as the Lutren or Vulpin, this establishment also serves fish and fowl.

I hope you all had a great holiday break and that your 2013 is getting off to a proper start!