This week we learn more about Janik’s role in Tamian politics – she’s actually a rather high-ranking diplomat working with the Vulpin in their kingdom of Navran. Janik’s father is a senior advisor representing Tamian interests in the region, a bit like an ambassador. Having those extra voices in the Vulpin’s volatile political process help not only Terria, but the Tamian ex-pats living in Navran as well.

The Council is a group of the most powerful Vulpin in Navran, each representing one of the ten major districts of the kingdom. To join the Council, one must be rich, influential, and from one of the many highest-caste families in Navran. The Vulpin kingdom has no king, though it used to – after an assassination in the days before the Four Kingdoms were one, a power vacuum was created that nearly destroyed Navran. Now, power is evenly split across the Council. We’ll be seeing more of them in the future, I guarantee it.

Originally, Janik was going to be a medic or healer, and was going to be staying within Terria as Dakkan, Quinlan, and Kenosh left on their quest. After a time, though, Rachel and I both decided that her character seemed capable of far more. If she could delegate Quinlan’s sourpuss attitude, what would an adequate challenge for her be? What if her job was to hold her own against a devious council of literal foxes? That sounded FAR more interesting than having her stick around as a healer, and Rachel and I are both excited about the path her character takes in the story to come.

This week’s guest art is the result of a funny conversation that occurred on Tumblr following last week’s post – apparently a few readers began hearing Kenosh’s lines in Liam Neeson’s voice. Rachel and I are on board with this, though we both imagine a little bit of deadpan Leonard Nimoy in the mix as well. That said, SaraaLuna went and doodled up this fun piece of Liam Neeson by way of Hannibal from the A-Team by way of Kenosh. Thanks, Saraa! I can totally hear it :)