The safety of Sunsgrove has been left far behind as we venture north, to the inhospitable Northern Wastes. This is where the scattered tribes of the Ermehn hold sway, and it’s where we’ll be for the next few weeks.

Speaking of the Ermehn, one of our regular fan-art contributors, Var Vau, just sent us this wonderful drawing of Hardin today! Hardin does indeed have a bit of a dire personality skewed with a razor-sharp wit – though he doesn’t get much of a chance to show off the wit because fights tend to break out before then. The Ermehn aren’t a very cheerful people, you see.

Considering he’s only been seen in two pages thus far, I’m surprised people are as excited to see Hardin grace the comic as they are. Well, don’t worry, loyal readers – your wish will soon be granted!