This week, we are finally introduced to Hardin and his close-knit group of Ermehn warriors. Hardin has been a mainstay of the story arc since the very earliest brainstorms, and his storyline has always been an important one to weave alongside the Quinlan/Dakkan/Kenosh/Janik storyline. Hardin’s journeys run parallel to Quinlan’s, and what happens when the two cross paths may very well shape the destiny of the Four Kingdoms!

The group observing Hardin with perhaps a bit less fervor than the rabble around them are his fellow warriors – to say more about them would undoubtedly spoil many perfectly good surprises in store, but these five Ermehn have been through much with Hardin – enough for most of them to stop worrying when he’s in a life-or-death knife fight and just enjoy the show.

As the story progresses and we start to learn more about these five Ermehn, I’ll be sure to post some more about them. We also have plans to update the Cast page soon with some new art and text to include Hardin’s tribe of five along with the rest of the story mainstays.

Observant followers of the project going back to its pre-2010 days may remember some of these characters, though a lot has changed about them in the intervening years. It’s been a lot of fun to finally see them enter the comic proper and Rachel and I both have great plans for them.

This week, we are also graced by some great fan-art from Ben B. – a loyal reader who decided to draw protagonist Quinlan! He seems to be expressing a little concern (or maybe it’s tired relief?) that he’s no longer the main focus of the storyline as Hardin takes center stage for the remainder of Chapter One. Knowing Quin’s personality as I do, I’m going to guess that it’s the tired relief!

Thanks for the great art, Ben! Rachel and I love it!