This week, Hardin finally gains the upper hand, breaking through his opponent’s defense with a rather nasty pommel slam to the nose. The other Ermehn doesn’t seem too thrilled about it!

The fight seems to be swinging in Hardin’s favor, which must be why Ashtor and Rathik are so calm on the sidelines. Of course, we’re talking about a no-holds-barred knife fight between two deadly Ermehn warriors – so really anything could happen before a victor is declared!

This week, I want to bring your attention to another webcomic that’s been featured in our links bar over there on the right: Sean Wang’s “Runners” comic is doing a Kickstarter campaign right now to publish the second full volume, “The Big Snow Job”, for public consumption. Sean’s a seasoned vet of the comic industry, having done work on “The Tick” and “Meltdown”, and his “Runners” webcomic is just super-classy sci-fi fun.

Sean and his wife, Peggy, also invited me over to their house to participate in a massive party involving 19 (nineteen) separate types of pie – but this has nothing to do with that.

The Kickstarter reached its $6000 funding goal less than two days after starting, which was AWESOME, but if he reaches $8500 then he’ll get to print the run in the United States for a faster turnaround time on the printing! Also, if you chip in, you’ll get a copy of the graphic novel yourself along with potentially some sweet extras depending on the tier you pick.

You can check out the comic by clicking the link in the sidebar, and you can check out the Kickstarter by clicking here!