Hardin’s opponent just wouldn’t stay down – though Hardin seems more than willing to put him back in his place, permanently if need be.


Last week, we saw in the final panel Hardin flipping his dagger around from a dueling grip to an inverted grip – that of an Ermehn executioner. His opponent clearly took that as an affront; perhaps it could also be taken as a signal that the fight won’t end with the two of them walking out of the ring, if Hardin has his way…


Will Hardin finish the duel, or will somebody step in before he can? Or perhaps the nameless opponent will manage to turn the tables on Hardin?

Well, that is what next week is for!

This week, we don’t have any fan-art for you, but VarVau has been experimenting with fan-fiction within the BWD universe and the results are rather intriguing, if I do say so myself! You can read his in-progress story on his website by clicking right here.

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