Hardin’s victory against the nameless Ermehn warrior has clearly not instilled immediate servitude amongst the defeated tribe. The Ermehn are a hardened and strong people, and they will not blindly follow just anyone, even if they are threatened with death should they refuse.


This scruffy and rather vocal Ermehn has gone through a number of iterations since the original draft of the script. Originally he was a lot more receptive to Hardin, but in writing this scene out a few times, it became clear rather quickly that both this random Ermehn and Hardin benefited from a more confrontational exchange. It also lets us explore a bit more of Hardin’s motives, which we’ll learn more about in the coming weeks!


Today (Saturday!) at 1pm EST I will be speaking at the Naga Theater at PAX East on the writing and story work I did on the Xbox Live Arcade game “Dust: An Elysian Tail”.

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