This week, Hardin furthers his case for the Ermehn uprising and reveals a bit more of the Ermehn side of their unrest and current predicament. Their homes, their livelihoods, their entire culture has been stolen from them – at least as Hardin would put it!


It’s clear that the other Ermehn, including the outspoken fellow who lent voice to the others’ concerns, are beginning to be swayed by Hardin’s silver tongue. Identifying a common disdain for their oppression is one thing, however – the true symbol of an Ermehn leader, one who could lead warriors into battle – will be crafting a plan that the tribe will condone.


It’s one thing for Hardin to convince the Ermehn that they need to rise up against their oppressors, but it’s a completely different matter on how a shattered civilization could rise up against the most powerful military power in the known world.

Next week, we learn more of Hardin’s plans!

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