Hardin’s words have generated some sympathy from his former detractors, but the reality of the situation strikes hard – the Ermehn are in no situation to attack their oppressors, and some have even accepted their race’s supposed fate.


After a few generations of living in the Wastes, it’s easy to view things as hopeless. With the situation against the Canid getting closer and closer to all-out conflict, it’s clear that the status quo can’t remain. Kenosh explained it as “escalating tension” – though that could be an understatement, especially with Hardin around!


Next week, Hardin finishes his case, and we learn more about his overall plans. Hardin is clearly one to strike first – but what that strike entails is still currently a mystery.

This week, we have a bit of fanart from SaraaLuna once more, who graced us with some Hardin pieces! I look at them as “normal Hardin” and “battle damage Hardin”! Thanks, SaraaLuna! Remember, if you have any artwork you’d like to have appear on the site, e-mail us the art or a link at thewesterndeep (at) gmail (dot) com!