Hardin and Ashtor exchange terse words this week! Not much else to say on that front, I suppose!


We’re nearing the end of Chapter 1, folks! But don’t worry – it’s not the end of the story by a longshot! The world of the Western Deep is just starting to take shape and our characters’ stories are just starting to begin, so Chapter 2 is inevitable.


However, to help build up an appropriate page buffer and to give us time to polish up the existing pages for possible publication, Rachel and I will be taking a brief hiatus before we start posting Chapter 2. We will post a special double-page weekend the week after next, and that will conclude Chapter 1 of Beyond the Western Deep.

For the month of June, we will be building up a page buffer for Chapter 2 and going back through Chapter 1 and cleaning up minor errors here and there. Then, on July 6th, we will begin officially posting Chapter 2 of Beyond the Western Deep!

So yes, mark your calendars! Next Saturday will be one page as normal, June 1st will be the penultimate page of Chapter 1, and June 2nd will be a special bonus page to round out chapter. There will be a month hiatus (with perhaps some guest art and teaser images from Rachel), and July 6th is when Chapter 2 will begin!