We are nearing the end of our first chapter, and next week we will have a special double page weekend – Chapter 1: Page 64 will hit at the usual time on midnight Saturday, and Chapter 1: Page 65 will hit at midnight on Sunday.


As I mentioned last week, we’ll be taking a month-long hiatus to build up a buffer of pages for Chapter 2, as well as taking some time to go through Chapter 1 and clean up some things we noticed over the last year+. We’ll still post something up every week, and readers are still encouraged to send in their fan-art! Just because there isn’t a new page going up doesn’t mean we don’t have to hold off on your wonderful art!


On a personal note, a game that I worked on last year, “Dust: An Elysian Tail”, was just released today on Steam for PCs! If you’ve got a Steam account, you can grab the game at 10% off now until the end of this week by visiting this link here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236090/?snr=1__4__105

This week we’ve got some awesome fanart from Temiree! He’s been a longtime follower of Rachel’s work, and has graced us with a wonderful rendition of Dakkan!

He looks AWESOME Temiree! I love his expression and gesturing here – so quintessentially Dakkan-esque :)