There was a lot of speculation last week on your part about just how Kenosh came to arrive at his stance on the Ermehn/Canid conflict. Some readers suggested that Kenosh was somehow directly involved in what happened. As this week’s page shows, the seeds of the conflict — at least for Sunsgrove — began well before Kenosh was born. It was a simpler time for the Lutren and the Tamian, and the world was a lot smaller back then, before the Canid arrived, before the Ermehn War, and before the signing of the Treaty of Cenolau.


One of the things Rachel and I have tried to do is to keep all the canon-specific dates and events contained to the comic itself. Part of the fun of Beyond the Western Deep is learning how the whole history of the kingdoms fits together over the last several hundred years, and how those events shaped the current conflict. To that end, the reader learns about the world along with our protagonists (and antagonists), and discussion hopefully ensues (just as it does between characters in the comic itself). You’ll all have your opinions, and because you get to see many different sides of the story as it unfolds, you’ll be able to judge for yourself who is right, who is more right, and whether history has been fairly written.