With Quinlan, Dakkan, and Kenosh still quite a ways from their destination, we take a break from the walking and cut to the Ermehn side of life!

Readers may remember Bevan from Chapter 1 (now being amongst friends and allies, he has little need to mask his face), but young Eira is now introduced properly into the fold alongside Bevan, Rathik, Rhosyn, Hardin, and Ashtor.


For Ermehn warriors in the wide open Northern Wastes, a good command of long-distance combat can be the difference between life and death, particularly when your typical Canid soldier is twice as big as you are, more heavily armored, and generally in a larger, better-supplied group. A throwing dagger isn’t the most practical of weapons because the craftsmanship required to create a truly balanced throwing weapon is rare amongst Ermehn weaponsmiths, but mostly because if you throw it and miss, you’ve just given the enemy your weapon.

The dagger isn’t Bevan’s only weapon in the field of course, but he’s hitting the bullseye from ten paces and feeling pretty confident about it!


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