(Hi everyone! Yes, it’s been a while, but we’ve finally got colors squared away! Enjoy the finished page!)

Hi everyone! Not a whole lot to talk about this week, I suppose!

Okay, I lied – there’s a little bit to talk about this week!


One of the fun things I like about the comic medium is condensing action that would normally takes place over a few seconds into one single panel, creating a kind of moving image in your head. A comic isn’t always just a snapshot in time — after all, if you were watching a scene of this in real-time, how would you have Rathik grab Bevan’s arm and show Bevan losing the grip on his knife while Rathik delivers his lines condensed into the same moment?

Well, you wouldn’t! Real-time storytelling mediums and sequential-art storytelling mediums are vastly different, speak a different language, and require us to ask different things of the viewer/reader. Every medium has its own method of interaction, but comics are really the best at giving us a sense of inferred movement, showing us precisely what’s happening while also inviting us to use our imaginations in how things play out.

Anyway! Keep an eye out for the colored version of this and page 16 in the coming days!