(Okay! Finally got the colors in! Enjoy the completed page! :)

Not a whole lot to say this week! We get to see a few familiar faces in the background, and quite a nice vista looking out over the mountains. Which will be a whole lot nicer once final color is in, of course. Rachel had a heap of outside work to do this week, which significantly limited comic time.


One of the things I appreciate the most about staging these scenes is how characters remain consistent. This isn’t so much specific to the Ermehn as it will be throughout Beyond the Western Deep, but well-realized background characters can be just as important as a well-realized main character. Sometimes a character in the background will resonate with readers, and sometimes that background character is destined for a larger role. In the real world, everybody in a crowd has their own backgrounds, pasts, motivations, etc. Bringing that into BWD has led to some fun crowd scenes, and readers discussing background characters in more detail than we ever would’ve expected. This of course includes our very first BWD fan-fiction tale, Ice Burn, by Saraa Luna, which was all about a Canid character who was in the background of a handful of panels in Chapter 1.

Also! Next week being American Thanksgiving, BWD will also be taking the weekend off. While there will be no new comic, Rachel intends to use the first half of the week to get rid of all the recent black and white pages, and update them to their proper colored form. We’ll be back with new stuff in December, and hope to see you all back then!