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This week we finally get a good look at Deltrada Garrison and some of the surrounding environs that it’s protecting. After all, if there was no imposing Canid presence at the border between the Four Kingdoms and the Northern Wastes, what would prevent the Ermehn from simply marching south? Canid might in this world isn’t all bluster after all!


Deltrada Garrison and the concept of the Canid border guard take some cues in the lore from the Roman occupation of Britannia and their outposts to separate “civilized” society from the barbarian hordes of the north. The most famous of these real-life structures would probably be Hadrian’s Wall, many segments of which still exist today.

Unlike Hadrian’s Wall, however, the Canid didn’t have to build too many artificial fortifications to keep the Ermehn in place. As we’ve seen throughout the Ermehn side of the story, the border regions are quite mountainous — and while on the face of it this wouldn’t be a problem for the Ermehn or the Canid, the steep mountains, constant storms, and generations of fighting have made the border region exceptionally dangerous for both sides.


An older concept sketch of a possible interior layout for Deltrada Garrison

So while there are still forts and periodic artificial walls here and there for the most accessible paths down from the Northern Wastes, the most historically well-traveled path funnels through the rocky landscape and into Deltrada Pass, an ancient and imposing gap in the nearly impenetrable mountains. It is here where the Canid’s most well-known fortress sits, the first line of defense against Ermehn incursion from the north.