Not much to talk about this week, really! Rachel and I just want to wish you all a Happy Holiday — the best present for us this year has been having such wonderful readers along for the ride! Thank you all so much for your interest and commitment to the story! We’re hoping to have an announcement sometime fairly soon regarding a limited run of books (for real this time!) so keep your eyes peeled!


This week, we’re lucky to be able to share with you another piece of music by Jacob Kingzett partially inspired by the Ermehn of Beyond the Western Deep. I present to you: Prelude in G Minor!

Thank you so much for the wonderful music, Jacob! The tune is very haunting and reminiscent of the cold and empty tundra of the Northern Wastes, and goes a long way to helping visualize that. As always, it’s awesome to hear that our comic has helped to inspire such great pieces. Keep up the awesome work!