Apologies for the delayed page/post today! As I mentioned in the delay post, we were both waylaid quite a bit by Christmas festivities! As always, we appreciate your patience in getting this week’s page up, and we hope you like it!


It’s hard to believe, but Beyond the Western Deep and westerndeep.net will be two years old this upcoming Wednesday! For those who remember, the very first page of the prologue went up on midnight, January 1st, 2012. I’m not too sure what, if anything, we’ll be doing to celebrate, but we may have a surprise or two in store!

Speaking of surprises, I suppose now is as good a time as ever to announce that Rachel and I are both planning to attend Baltimore Comic Con next September with a table at Artist’s Alley!

We haven’t quite nailed down the specific merchandise yet, but at the very, very least, we plan to have a self-published first print hardcover edition of Beyond the Western Deep Volume 1, which will include the material from the Prologue and Chapter 1.

The book won’t be 1:1 with the webcomic pages currently on the site, however, as over the last two years Rachel and I have assembled quite a long list of tweaks and fixes we want to address before printing anything official. We’re also thinking of prints and stickers, that sort of thing.

Anything we have left after the show, we’ll try to set up a shop to sell them online via this website.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season, and here’s to a happy, healthy New Year!