And so draws to a close our peek at life among the Sratha-din. Hardin’s scheme is finally beginning to reveal itself, and his attack appears imminent… which makes this a perfect opportunity for us to return to our main trio and see what they’re up to starting next week! Hard as it may be to believe,  Chapter 2 is a little more more than halfway finished now. Amazing to think that a little more than two years ago, our nameless, hooded Ermehn began walking through Gair and kicked off this story!


The week before last, I mentioned that Rachel and I will be attending Baltimore Comic Con in September, selling hardcover editions of Beyond the Western Deep‘s first volume, along with prints and stickers and the like from their Artist’s Alley. I’m happy to announce that I’m also planning on attending Boston Comic Con this year as well, having just submitted the paperwork for a table at their own Artist’s Alley.

As the image shows, Boston Comic Con is almost exactly a month earlier than Baltimore, in August. Because it’s such a hike for Rachel, I’ll be the only one of us in attendance in Boston, but I will be selling the same materials we’ll be selling in Baltimore a month later. If you’re in the area, swing by and say hello!

This week we have a little bit more guest art from Jerome Jactinto — some more Ermehn doodles, along with Quinlan and Dakkan in the mix!


Seeing all of Jerome’s doodles of Beyond the Western Deep characters just gets me more excited about the guest piece he’s doing for the hardcover book. Some other really fantastic artists have also tentatively agreed to contribute guest artwork for the book, and I’m looking forward to being able to share that with you sometime soon!