((Note from Alex: To make sure we have time to get everything ready for the upcoming book printing, including tweaked page art, the cover, convention banner art, etc., we may need to punt a few pages down the line in the coming weeks. The posts we put up would be similar to those in between Chapters 1 and 2, with original artwork and some historical background.

If there’s anything you’d like to see us post about, feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll see what we can do! So, next week there may not be a page, but there would be a post and some new artwork to check out. Thanks for your patience, and we’re confident it will all be worth the wait — both for the book and the new pages!))

This week we finally get a glimpse inside Deltrada Garrison! The Canid are a regimental lot, but none moreso than those living along the harsh border between Aisling and the Northern Wastes. When you’re told that your garrison is the most likely target for an Ermehn attack, that has a way of changing one’s daily routine. Factor in a visit from powerful Canid brass and you can imagine tensions are running a bit high within those walls.


Not a whole lot else to talk about this week! One quick note, though: we’re absolutely loving the comments and discussion going on with each page! We’d love to be able to respond to all of the wonderful speculation you’ve all been laying out, though we do have to be careful not to reveal anything spoilerish. Just know that we read every single comment and we’re super-grateful that you’re all enjoying the story. Beyond the Western Deep may be well into its second chapter, but the story has just begun!

This week, we have a bit of surprise guest art from Jerome Jacinto! Turns out that between some other projects, his doodling has started to materialize into characters from Beyond the Western Deep! The first result of this awesome free-drawing: a new take on Dakkan!


I’ve said it countless times before, but one of my favorite elements of guest art comes from seeing other creators draw our characters in their own unique styles. Jerome’s painterly strokes and very cool layout decisions have yielded a fun new take on our favorite walking diplomatic incident. This was a most pleasant surprise this week, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t the last of these impromptu character pieces!

Thanks so much, Jerome!