This week, we learn a bit more about Clovis’ brother (or lack thereof at the moment), and get to see a bit more of the hustle and bustle of Deltrada Garrison.


One of the major elements of this scene between our main trio and Clovis that we wanted to get across was the sense of unending, perpetual activity. The Canid war machine never breaks down, never stops, never tires — it is a constantly-maintained and expertly-crafted thing that requires all of its moving parts to be, well, constantly moving. Hence Clovis is always engaged in something, always moving. In some respects, this scene draws a lot from the steadicam walk-and-talks you’d see in something like The West Wing, which are great tools for keeping things visually interesting while also divulging a good deal of important information that wouldn’t be too well-suited for a static meeting room.


You may recall the scene in Chapter 1 with Quinlan, Dakkan, and Kenosh meeting with King Dabheid in his throne room — because the location was relatively enclosed, we had characters moving around, Dabheid stands up and flumps back down, and we employed the use of flashbacks/asides to keep the visuals interesting. Here, we’re making the most of the space allotted.

This week, we have a third piece in Jerome Jacinto’s collection of character portraits! You’ve already seen Dakkan and Quinlan, and now I’d like to present Bevan! I love Jerome’s take on the character (well, on all our characters, really), and Bevan has proven to be a pretty popular character since his introduction late in Chapter 1. Rest assured this fact has not eluded our attention!