*Note from Alex: Next week, instead of a page, we will be sharing one of the upcoming book’s guest art pieces (from Western Deep guest art extraordinaire, Jerome Jacinto). This intermission will be used to give us a bit of breathing room for book-related material that needs to be done, and should only last the one week. Apologies in advance — and if anyone has a question or topic they want me to cover in next week’s post, feel free to either post it in the comments here, or send me an email at thewesterndeep(at)gmail(dot)com!


Some may interpret Clovis’ gesture this week as a sign of him playing the military politician, or perhaps trying to blow off Quinlan’s loss. While it’s impossible to know for sure just how honest Clovis’ words are, it’s important to remember that even if he truly loathed Caldus, respect and proper decorum to a new captain (even one from Sunsgrove) are essential. Still, he’s a general first — which means when he sees one of his recruits slacking off, that’s going to take priority over whatever platitudes he needs to offer to visitors.

This week, we’ve got some wonderful guest art from Saraa Luna! A rather dapper-looking Vulpin fellow is featured, and I just love the clothing design and colors here. Thank you so much, Saraa!