Welcome back, everyone!

This week, Clovis teaches one of his underlings a thing or two about close-quarters combat training. When you’re dealing with an enemy that fights as desperately and savagely as the Ermehn, the Canid training regimen must step up accordingly.


Even for strong warriors like the Canid, who have more endurance than most of the other species in the Four Kingdoms in addition to more weight they can throw around, the rapid movements and lighting-fast strikes of their Ermehn enemies can confound even Deltrada’s finest. This means one must fight with finesse, and cannot rely on strength alone.

This week, we have another fun piece of guest art from Veigue, showing our main trio and a few others grabbing a meal together in a hibachi restaurant, staffed by Veigue’s BWD-themed human character!

Veigue_BWD Hibachi

As I mentioned earlier, there aren’t any humans in the world of BWD (or hibachi restaurants, for that matter!) but I do love the idea of the gang putting aside their differences and enjoying a good bit of teppanyaki. I also love how Kenosh is knocking back a cup of sake with a hand around the bottle, ready to go for another one at a moment’s notice. He’s probably concerned about his image, sitting between two Ermehn in a restaurant with more than a few Canid wandering about!

Thank you so much for the great artwork, Veigue!