Now what on earth is Rhosyn up to? I’m sure you all have a general idea, but suffice it to say there are multiple storylines beginning to converge here, and we’re looking forward to showing them all in due course.


This page is another great example of the iterative process Rachel and I go through for pages. For reference, the original script for this page is below:

Clovis: The Ermehn should have been content to live in the Wastes, yet they continue their foolish attempts to retake Aisling. We are merely doing our part to ensure the Ermehn remain in the Wastes.

Kenosh: And somehow you wonder why they continue to fight.

Clovis: Yes, I was hoping they would have lost their will by now. Still, the situation may be escalating, but we have the upper hand.

Dakkan: In what way?

Clovis: And the lad finally decides to speak! Splendid.

As Rachel worked out the panels, she began to consider cutting away to the Ermehn side briefly, just to put the conversation into a bit more context, and also to set up the oncoming conflict. This had a cascading effect on the dialog, but the new lines were so good I didn’t have too many changes to suggest, save for some visual pacing that necessitated scooting lines around and separating bubbles a bit.

This week, we don’t have any guest art to share, but I do have a Kickstarter you all might be interested in!

Armello is a game I’ve been following for quite a while, and I’ve gotten to know the team behind it and even try out a build of the iPad version — it’s a fabulous game with many common threads between it and Beyond the Western Deep.


Chief among the inspirations is a love of the Redwall book series, which is a major inspiration for Western Deep as well. It’s fun to see different projects growing from the same wellspring, and the team behind Armello is one of the most talented I’ve seen in a Kickstarter project.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter has 5 days left to raise another $15k. If you haven’t heard about it, you should check it out right here!

I do have to recommend you at least check out the classically-animated teasers for the game — really nice stuff!