This week, Kenosh finally steps in to give Clovis what-for; though the mention of Hardin’s tribe certainly seems to put a damper on things. Speaking of damp (ha!), the rainstorm we’ve been seeing creep up throughout the chapter finally makes its presence known. Brought a storm with you indeed…


Not much else to say this week, really! We do, however, have a cool piece of fanart from Joshua Madoc, who you might remember as the artist behind the wonderful “Knights of the Round” interpretation of Quinlan, Dakkan, and Kenosh. This time, we get to see his interpretation of Rathik, Rhosyn, and Bevan!


The musculature and facial structures of the characters are definitely evoking a Thundercats kinda vibe for me, which is pretty sweet! It’s a lot of fun seeing the Sratha-din portrayed in different art styles given their very diverse natures, so thank you, Josh! As always I look forward to seeing more of your interpretations of the characters!

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