The mystery of this modern-era Sratha-din continues this week! We also get a little bit of a glimpse as to the Canid perspective on Aisling’s history — there’s a definite element of ownership and possession they feel about the land, and this rigidity has no doubt helped to exacerbate the current conflict.


Not too much else to report on this week! The first shipment of books comes ever-closer, and I’m looking forward to sharing that unboxing with you when the time comes. We’re also creeping further into summer, which gets us closer to Boston Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con in August and September, respectively. As those draw closer, I’ll try to share progress updates on things like the banner art we’ll be displaying with the booth, the accompanying merch, etc.

Until then, remember that you can email us your fan-works and we’ll post them up alongside a page! Just send it to thewesterndeep(at)gmail(dot)com!